When it comes to your custom home, you want long-lasting quality. When it comes to a custom home builder, you want someone that is established and trustworthy.


Woodrow “Woody” Durst, got his start in the building business back in 1949 with the Great Texas Lumber Company of Fredericksburg, TX. Soon after, he started his own business and began building high quality custom homes that were affordable. His quality craftsmanship and values were passed down to his sons, Ricky and Carey, who began working in the family business in the 1970’s. Woody is now retired but the brothers continue the custom home tradition that was begun by their father.


Our values then and now make the custom home building process enjoyable. It starts with the site selection and custom design process where we are there to provide assistance if needed. It continues as we work with local subcontractors who share our values and passion for quality. After you move into your new custom home, we make sure we have met your expectations. Far too often a family settles in their new home and never sees the custom home builder again --- or never knew them at all. When Durst is your custom home builder you enter into a lasting relationship so you can be confident that things will be done right. We’re here to stay.

The custom homes we build range from hill country traditional to modern, small to big. Though the materials and scale may change, the quality of craftsmanship does not. This means we show the same enthusiasm for your custom home no matter the budget.

Though we honor time tested techniques we are also up-to-date with new trends in the building industry. Part of "going green" in the custom home building business is building for longevity which we’ve been doing from the beginning.

For us, time in the "office" means being on the job site. For you, this means your new custom home project receives on-site supervision from the company owners, the ones who have a stake in our company and, more importantly, the success of your project.

We all love Fredericksburg, Texas and the Texas Hill Country because of the values that were established by its settlers long ago. Craftsmanship, quality, integrity, beauty, and friendship. A Durst custom home is built honoring these traditions and so it makes sense that your Texas Hill Country home is a Durst Custom Home.

Ricky Durst      Carey Durst